Planning Partnership


This Partnership is a natural extension of the relationship between the California State Lands Commission as trustee and the Port of San Diego as local grantee of the tidelands. With State Lands’ extensive jurisdiction across the state and in state waters, and the Port’s local knowledge, the two partners bring complementary management perspectives to effectively collaborate on ocean planning. Both partners believe in the safekeeping, environmental care, and sustainable use of marine resources for years to come.

On October 13, 2016, the State Lands Commission and the Port of San Diego signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to formalize the San Diego Ocean Planning Partnership. The purpose of the MOA was to form and memorialize this collaborative partnership to effectively plan for use of the ocean space and describe the partners’ commitment to transparent, robust stakeholder and public engagement and data collection.

+ San Diego Ocean Space

San Diego waters are home to a unique nexus of ecological resources, fishing interests, cultural values, military operations, recreational opportunities, commercial enterprise, and industrial innovation, which necessitates a forward-thinking, holistic management strategy. Managing the diverse resources and activities within this space through stakeholder-driven and science-based decision-making can serve as a model and framework for ocean management throughout California and beyond. Operating at a local scale will enable a robust, inclusive, and effective planning process that will maximize stakeholder involvement.

Our focus is on the state-owned tidelands and submerged lands located in the Pacific Ocean offshore San Diego County. The preliminary pilot boundary will include state waters (which extend up to three nautical miles from the coast) offshore of San Diego Bay and fall within the landward northern and southern boundaries of the county. The final pilot boundary of the pilot planning area will be determined following stakeholder and public engagement and review of data collected.