Additional Information

+ Are you zoning the ocean?

The intent of the Partnership is not to establish zones in the ocean space for specific uses, diminish the significance or purpose of previously established areas, nor promote specific ocean uses over others. While both partners manage Public Trust uses, the intent of the project is NOT to establish ocean use zones. The intent of this pilot project is to better understand what the current ocean uses are in this offshore space, where they occur, and how they interact, as well as consider conflict resolution approaches between uses.

+ How are these waters managed currently?

Activities within state waters are managed by a number of local, regional, and state agencies, depending on the specific location and the type of activity or the resource being used, including the State Lands Commission and the Port of San Diego for the waters off the coast of San Diego County and in San Diego Bay. Federal agencies and tribal governments may also have some management authority over certain locations or uses .

For example, the California Coastal Commission ensures that all activities within state waters and into the Coastal Zone are compliant with the Coastal Act. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife manages the species and their habitats within State waters. These are just some examples of resource management in this ocean space. The pilot project will not supersede any jurisdiction or authority; rather, it is meant to foster coordination and collaboration amongst resource managers to achieve greater environmental quality and support economic opportunities.

+ Why hold open houses and encourage public engagement?

This is a transparent, collaborative, stakeholder-driven process, and as such, it is critical that we hear from you! The best way for us to learn and better our understanding of the ocean space and the relationships between users and uses is to hear from stakeholders and ocean users directly about their experiences. The SLC and the Port want to uphold their commitment to meaningful public engagement. We welcome any and all feedback and look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to participate in the process, and responding to questions and comments about it.

+ Why should the public care about this?

The ocean is a valuable resource that provides food, energy, recreation opportunities, and other goods and services that we have enjoyed and relied upon for generations. As existing and emerging ocean uses expand, we hope to elicit widespread participation in this pilot project to learn about ocean uses and challenges to effectively and responsibly inform our decision-making.

+ Is this a part of the West Coast Regional Planning Body (RPB)?

No, this pilot project is not a sub-region of the West Coast Regional Planning Body, primarily because it is located solely within state waters. However, we have and will continue to work closely with the West Coast Regional Planning Body to ensure that our effort is as complementary as possible.

+ What is the relationship between this initiative and the Port of San Diego's Integrated Planning process?

Integrated Planning is a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach for managing and planning the uses within Port tidelands. Integrated Planning will conclude with an update to the Port Master Plan, which serves as a guide for future uses and development by designating allowable land and water uses and the types of development, recreation, and environmental conservation efforts throughout the Port’s jurisdiction. Integrated Planning covers only the Port’s jurisdiction on tidelands, whereas the pilot focuses on the ocean areas offshore San Diego County.

+ How can I contribute data?

It’s important that we hear from ocean users directly about their interests and challenges with the ocean space. If you are interested in participating in this process, please contact us at